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Channel Iris is an Agency and Lifestyle brand that serves as a platform to showcase 




initiative to deconstruct oppressive ideologies, through multi-dimensional art, music, and fashion. Built at the intersection of pushing boundaries and challenging the industry standards, Channel Iris has paved the way for showcasing Talent and Creators who seek opportunity for expression.

The brand content creators promote a progressive attitude towards change while steering away from the status quo and fearlessly exploring the unknown. 


"Channeling Iris is all about channeling your higher self, that creative alters ego that sits dormant"


"A majority of our creatives have felt suppression one way or another. Standardized Beauty, Criteria, Lack of Diversity exists in our creative markets. Our mission? To dismantle all of it" - Bryan 

Art | Culture | Revolution  


Born and raised in NYC, my inspirations have always resided in the city and its people.

 After being signed with a Modeling Agency, I soon learned the darker truths of the industry.  Standardized Beauty, Criteria, Lack of Diversity were all enough to reveal the facade. This would soon transpire to the birth of Channel Iris. 


 Now, both a Director and International Published Photographer, I travel the world showcasing various artists through campaigns and projects. My goal is to evoke change and promote individuality within the industry. I crossed paths with Detroit in 2016.

A resilient city, with a unique essence. After a few synchronistic moments, Detroit became home in 2020. 

For all inquiries, please refer to the button below.  

Stay Golden,


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