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SOUL Clinic – A Dream entry for the Troubled Soul

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

A new Compendium released on Iris Diaries.

On November 25, 2018, I awoke from a dream, that left a mark on me, for years to come. Breathless, followed by ringing sounds and bright neon lights, the sign glowed in my mind's eye... “Soul Clinic” This Compendium combines pages of my dream journal along with X-ray transparency that resembles the healing process of the Soul Clinic. The healing process consisted of patients who would sit with their "inner child" to initiate the healing.

Soul Clinic was a space that healed troubled souls that would leave their bodies during a dream state. What was interesting, is that nurses at the clinic already knew what was wrong without having to ask the patients questions. Patients would arrive and occupying the same space, were their traumas, fear, enemies, or whatever it was that was negative in their life.

When I arrived at the Clinic, I remember seeing my Father yelling and threatening my mother. This triggered a childhood memory that would haunt me from time to time. Witnessing my Fathers abuse, but being too young to do something about it.. weakened me. Saddened me, confused me... and eventually resulted in an adult who has become overprotective with his family. These Nurses carried name tags that read "Spirit Guides"

“Marmar” was the name that was called when it was my turn to sit with my Guide. In a strange way, I resonated with the name the same way I would if someone called me “Bryan” or “Iris” “Welcome back” she murmured. She put her hands over my heart and a bright glowing light filled the room. She spoke affirmations into my soul. I felt lighter, I felt love. Most importantly, I felt no more remorse towards my father. I laid down and an additional nurse joined us. She began to massage my temples and I could feel her go deeper in my thoughts. “I love your artwork,” she said. And instantly I could see some of my art pieces in my mind. However, something strange happened. The images began to show up a lot faster and I began to see art that I was not familiar with. “Don’t go in there” my Guide told the assistant nurse. “It's his future” The last words I remember hearing was “Japan 2019” and I awoke.

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