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DI-SUPERI – The Cosmic Relationship between Man and The Moon.

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

DETROIT. Published on Opium Red Magazine Volume #2. Di-Superi takes us through a visual series that showcases the cosmic relationship between melanin theory and the powerful aspects of the moon.


Latin translations to "Gods Above"

As humans, we get fixated on what is in front of us. Whatever our eyes capture is immediately labeled “Reality” and becomes the lens we use to make decisions. We get emotional and begin to operate on these emotions. And like that, we navigate through life. Accepting what is and what isn’t.

That is until we lookup.

By raising our heads, we invite in curiosity. By simply acknowledging the Sky, we are reminded of the grander design. We begin to ask questions and step out of our current reality. And like children, we ponder. Seeking answers that exist outside of us.

But… do they?

We would be turning a blind eye if we agreed that all men are treated equally. The colored man tends to face more complexities and “limitations”

However, this is because he is complex. And the limitation, is him failing to realize it.

Divine, rich, mysterious, boundless with an abundance of Melanin that serves as the universal component of life. What have we forgotten? For thousands of years, men looked up to the sky for guidance. It was the constellations that determined when to harvest crops. It was the alignment of stars that navigated those lost at sea. It was the movement of planets that warned against dangers and predicted the future. But above all things, it was the moon that connected man to the stars.

Now, we surround ourselves with old maps. Full of tarnished paths that lead nowhere. Confused, we settle for empty treasures. Man has forgotten how to rise above the storm. He holds himself captive, with ancestral chains that trace back centuries. He waits, and amidst a revolution, he is told

“He matters”

The colored man is to break this cycle. To shift out of the victim mentality. To redefine himself, he must learn to “Attain” and no longer ask. He is to remember his god-like qualities, for he is of the stars. He must rise above the ideologies that stem from stale perspectives.

He must call upon the Moon for guidance. The light bearer of the dark sky. He must learn to grasp this light and illuminate the shadows. It is this light that guides him in the dark. It is this light that leads him to the hidden treasures. Once attained, he becomes Cosmic. He becomes an illustration of the Gods above, who mirror the God within.

It is his curiosity which dismantles fear. It is this curiosity that realigns him with divine purpose. It is the complexities of the world, that remind him where he comes from. Where we all come from.

The Moon.

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